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Internet + Sichuan Plan Interpretation of Tourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Government Affairs, etc.

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Internet + Travel

Achieving "seeing, connecting, and responding" management

Building and perfecting the "1 + 3" model of smart tourism system

Reporter Feng Chaoying

[Plan points]

Promote the pilot demonstration of "Internet +" smart tourism. Speed up the construction and improvement of the tourism emergency management system. Accelerate the construction of a Sichuan tourism big data platform, actively integrate data from various types of enterprises such as application communication operators, and provide decision-making basis for public safety management and early warning of passenger flow. At the same time, guide companies to push personalized products to achieve precise marketing.

[Interpretation + Action]

"At present, the application of Internet technology in the tourism industry in Sichuan has begun to take shape, laying a good foundation for public management and services for tourists." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Tourism Administration introduced that our province has started to build a "1 + 3" model of smart tourism System, that is, three systems based on smart management, smart service and smart marketing in one data center.

The Sichuan Tourism Data Center includes the Sichuan Tourism Operation Supervision and Safety Emergency Management Linkage Command Platform, the Beidou Compatible Outdoor Emergency Rescue Platform, and the Sichuan Tourism Information Network Multilingual Tourism Information Platform. In addition to building a comprehensive platform, our province is also focusing on establishing corresponding platforms in cities, prefectures, and scenic spots. At present, Leshan, Chengdu, Mianyang and other cities and Jiuzhaigou, Emeishan, Dujiangyan and other more than 20 scenic spots have established corresponding platforms to achieve real-time and seamless docking with the provincial tourism bureau for easy pre-management and emergency handling.

At present, the construction of the Sichuan Tourism Data Center Phase I has been basically completed, vertically integrating industry application data information from the National Tourism Administration and down to various scenic spots; horizontally integrating transportation, meteorology, environmental protection, surveying and mapping, three major communications operators and other departments The travel-related data information effectively realizes the data sharing and exchange between tourism and various related industries, providing data support for forecasting and warning in advance, guiding diversion in the event, and accurate marketing after the event.

In addition, the Provincial Tourism Bureau has also strengthened new multi-platform applications, developed Chinese and English APP clients for Sichuan Tourism, Sichuan Tourism WeChat, and smart tourism multi-query terminals, etc .; and Ctrip, Yilong, Mango, Tuniu, Tongcheng and other tourism network operators Cooperation to establish Sichuan Tourism Network Flagship Store. In the next step, it will guide and promote tourism enterprises in the province to cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign online enterprises, use big data to influence potential customers, and guide enterprises to launch personalized products.


Xia Tian, Chief Engineer of Science and Technology Park of Sichuan University:

"Internet + tourism" realizes the effective docking of tourist information, which is beneficial to various travel needs. The real-time interaction and exchange of various platforms and information makes it easier to supervise the tourism market. The change from tradition to online has also made tourism marketing more diverse and efficient.

The Sichuan Tourism Data Center Phase I project can be said to be the biggest highlight of Sichuan's smart tourism. The data integration, virtuous circle, and effective utilization have formed the forefront of the country. At the same time, this is also the basis for the further development of Sichuan's smart tourism, which is a strong data support for Sichuan to establish specialized platforms such as online sales platforms for tourism products and publicity platforms. "Internet + tourism" requires the joint participation of the entire industry. It is necessary to use the existing platforms and introduce corresponding systems and standards to guide and encourage all tourism practitioners to participate in the construction and development of smart tourism in Sichuan.

Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Facilitate the financing of technology-based SMEs in the Internet field

Set up "Internet +" innovation and venture capital investment sub-fund during the year

Reporter Zhang Lan

[Plan points]

Guided the establishment of the "Internet +" innovation and venture capital investment sub-fund, forming a fund size of 200-300 million yuan by the end of 2015, providing financial services for the development of technology-based SMEs in the Internet field. Promote the pilot demonstration of "Internet +" crowd-creation space. Build a "Science and Technology Innovation" platform for innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology services, and create a technology-based intermediary service sharing system that covers the different service requirements of the entire process of the growth of technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises. Build Chengdu's "Internet +" incubator information platform. Build an Internet-based "Zhongchuang Sichuan" innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

[Interpretation + Action]

"There are many entrepreneurial projects, but venture capital is not as active as Beishangguang." This is the impression of some industry insiders on the innovation and entrepreneurship in the Internet field in Sichuan.

Brand-new application scenarios and brand-new product settings are the characteristics of many Internet entrepreneurship projects. When they are innovating, they also mean great risks and uncertainties, which make financing difficult. Because start-ups are relatively small in the early stage, they have almost no assets and no mortgages, making it difficult to obtain bank loan support. Secondly, the scale of venture capital investment in the province is still relatively small, and it is difficult to meet the financing needs of a large number of venture companies.

Therefore, our province will guide the establishment of the “Internet +” Innovation and Venture Investment Sub-Fund, with a fund size of 200-300 million yuan by the end of 2015, and provide financial services such as entrepreneurship, investment, and equity investment for the development of technology-based SMEs in the Internet field. .

The establishment of the sub-fund aims to leverage financial funds and use market mechanisms to guide social funds and financial capital to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the Internet field. The investment direction of the fund is mainly aimed at the "mid-to-early stage", that is, the technology-based SMEs in the seed stage, the start-up stage, and the early and middle stages.

"Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship, on the one hand, means that "Internet +" itself is also an important area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Many of the innovative business models and startups that have been emerging in recent years are related to "Internet +"; on the other hand, it refers to "Internet +"; Through the application of the Internet and mobile Internet technology, the threshold for innovation and entrepreneurship is further reduced.

In addition to the establishment of innovation and venture capital investment sub-funds, our province will assist in the financing of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet field. It will also promote the "Internet +" crowd-creation space demonstration, build a "Science and Technology" innovation and entrepreneurship technology service platform, and build Chengdu's "Internet" + "Incubator information platform, as well as the Internet-based" Zhongchuang Sichuan "innovation and entrepreneurship platform, accelerate the flow of information on innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide innovation and entrepreneurship services through multiple channels.


Dou Yong, General Manager of Dachen Venture Capital Southwest Branch:

The Internet industry is a highly, highly market-oriented, highly de-intermediate field. For innovation and entrepreneurship activities in this field, guiding the establishment of innovation and venture capital funds can solve the urgent needs of start-ups to a certain extent. At the same time, it is more important to guide and integrate the industrial chain around the "Internet +" advantage areas, and introduce high-level talents and experts, so as to create a better innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, and to attract hundreds of times and thousands of times of financial funds Venture capital.

Internet + Government

Multiple "clouds" converge into one "cloud"

Coordinate the construction of the provincial government affairs cloud platform

Reporter Liang Xianrui Chen Song

[Plan points]

Coordinate the construction of the provincial government affairs cloud platform, complete the provincial government affairs cloud top-level design, and initially realize the joint construction and sharing of the province's new affairs system infrastructure. Build a unified social credit information platform across the province. Develop and expand big data (credit) services, break through traditional "credit collection" standards, and extend to areas such as administration, public services, and business consumption. Accelerate the construction of the pilot cities of information benefiting people in Chengdu, Mianyang and Neijiang, and promote multi-party collaboration and resource sharing in public services.

[Interpretation + Action]

Previously, each provincial department has established its own information platform, and the information between the departments is not connected. This has formed an "information island" for each department. It is difficult to achieve interoperability and sharing between the various systems. It is not only a waste of resources, but also Reduced administrative efficiency.

In the future, with the construction of the Sichuan provincial government affairs cloud platform, the data of various departments such as industry, transportation, tourism, food safety, environmental protection, e-commerce will be unifiedly stored in a server cluster, which can realize convenient data exchange and reach the provincial level. The "interoperability, sharing, and sharing" of data resources has produced a large number of applications with huge benefits.

After more than three years of construction, our province has set up a "one directory, one hall, two platforms", namely, the directory of administrative authority, the e-government hall, the basic platform for administrative operations and the monitoring platform for administrative operations, which has initially achieved the interconnection of provinces, cities, and counties. The operation has basically formed an open operation mechanism in accordance with laws and regulations.

Provincial-level 51 executive departments are accelerating the pace and will gradually run the administrative administration online. At present, the docking of the exercise platform and the system police comprehensive platform has been completed, and the system has the same catalogue, handling process and operation of the same authority and matter at the same level across the province.

As of March 1, this year, 370,000 operating data were shared across the province. At the same time, our province also launched a pilot mobile health enforcement system on the exercise platform to explore the solution of the new requirements of mobile exercise enforcement on the exercise platform and the actual implementation of health enforcement.


Professor Shi Jiang, School of Public Management, Sichuan University:

The central government regards deregulation and decentralization as the "hands first" of the administrative system. How can innovation management be implemented after "jian" and "decentralization"? Exploring the new model of "Internet + supervision" and establishing a comprehensive government supervision system are important means.

At present, banks, industry and commerce, taxation, and other systems and industries have established top-down government affairs cloud platforms within the system. However, due to the wide variety of software and hardware systems and big data processing methods, there are severe divisions. " Each plays its own trumpet, each sings its own tune. " To integrate resources and form a unified provincial government cloud platform across the province, in addition to the top-level design, a strong administrative push is needed. At the same time, Tencent, Sina and other social resources can be introduced to build together. In addition, in terms of top-level design, we must consider reserving embedded spaces and interfaces for eventual integration into the government platform.

Internet + Industrial Development Foundation

Focus on solving the problems of difficult fiber access and base station location

Network infrastructure will interface with municipal construction planning

Reporter Zeng Xiaoqing Zhang Lan

[Plan points]

Formulate "Several Measures on Accelerating the Construction of Broadband Infrastructure", focusing on solving the problems of planning convergence, fiber access, home base station selection, and high compensation costs in the process of broadband infrastructure construction.

Accelerate the construction of network infrastructure to achieve full coverage of fiber optic broadband in new residential areas and residential buildings and commercial buildings, continuous coverage in cities, counties and towns, and effective coverage in rural hotspots. The national “broadband rural” pilot project has been fully completed, and the provincial-level pilot project has been promoted. The rural broadband penetration in 60 counties (cities, districts) has accelerated.

[Interpretation + Action]

To promote the implementation of Sichuan's "Internet +" strategy, operators are working hard.

With the advantages of mobile 4G wireless technology, Sichuan Mobile has achieved full coverage of areas above towns and villages and rural hotspots. It plans to complete 4,600 administrative village broadband connections this year.

In terms of optical network construction, urban optical network coverage in the province reached more than 95%, and the average Internet bandwidth reached 30M. It is estimated that the number of Sichuan optical network users will reach the first in the country within the year. China Telecom Sichuan Branch predicts that the construction of optical networks in the next three years will drive more than 10 billion yuan of "Internet +" industries such as smart homes, distance education, telemedicine, and electronic information.

The relevant person in charge of China Tower Sichuan Branch said that the operator's new base station tasks this year are the highest in history, and the scale of new construction ranks among the top in the country.

But in the process of promotion, operators also encountered some difficulties. In the city, the residents of the community are worried about the radiation of the base station, and they have to pay a higher entrance fee to enter the community. In addition, many cities and prefectures have not included the construction of network infrastructure in urban planning, resulting in the “three dilemmas” such as the difficulty in connecting broadband infrastructure construction with urban-rural construction planning, the difficulty in accessing optical fibers, and the difficulty in selecting base stations.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Communications Administration revealed that our province will compile city and state broadband infrastructure construction plans and connect them with transportation, water conservancy, municipal, environmental protection, land use and other planning to solve problems such as fiber optic households; implement fiber optic households National standards; support for simplified administration and decentralization, facilities, and universal telecommunications service compensation.


Tang Youxi, Professor of the National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Communication Anti-jamming Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China:

This year, Sichuan plans to cultivate 5-10 leading enterprises that focus on "Internet +" transportation, education, social security, health and other fields, and have a large influence in the country, to promote industrial development with applications and products. All of these require broader information, high-speed public networks, more stable networks, and cheaper tariffs as a strong backing.

It is worth noting that the simultaneous expansion of fixed network and mobile broadband driven by the "Internet +" strategy is under great pressure, the shortage of funds for the construction of the broadband market, and the "last mile" barrier to broadband access exist objectively. Further improve the broadband as a universal service mechanism, establish a coordinated promotion mechanism for broadband infrastructure construction at the provincial level, and encourage operators to promote the speed of broadband construction.

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