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Zheshang Bank Helps "Public Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation

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"Shuangchuang" loan, realizing wisdom

On June 15, 2015, Mr. Ding, a technology company in Hangzhou, received a 300,000 yuan “Shuangchuang” series of credit loans from Zhejiang Commercial Bank.

"I can't think of it, I really can't think of it!" Mr. Ding graduated from a university in Wuhan with a major in mechanical design and automation in 2009. With a dream of starting a business, he has always wanted to start his own company.

In June 2013, Mr. Ding and his partner established a technology company in Hangzhou in the Zhejiang University Science and Technology Park to engage in the design and development of automobiles and new energy vehicles, and determined to design better models for China's national automobile industry. With the expansion of the scale and the shortage of funds, he tried to apply for a loan at the bank, but because of "no house and no car" and the company belongs to the asset-light operation industry, he was repeatedly punished.

A few days ago, the account manager of Zheshang Bank took the initiative to dock and told him that college students engaged in emerging industries can apply for a credit loan from Zheshang Bank as long as they have a feasible business plan. For a young maker such as Mr. Ding, this credit loan is undoubtedly a “delivering charcoal in the snow”; for Zhejiang Commercial Bank, this is also a benefit of the bank ’s response to the call to support “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and crack the financing dilemma. Try and be active.

"Shuangchuang" loans help "smart cash"

It is reported that the first phase of the "Shuangchuang" series of loans launched by Zheshang Bank includes three products: "Entrepreneurship Assistance Loan", "Shuangchuang Elite Loan" and "Yuanmengchuang Loan", which are small and micro enterprises, high-level Talents, young "Makers" provide personal customization of loan products to realize "smart realization."

Among them, "Entrepreneurship Support Loan" is considered as "model realization", which is applicable to enterprises or individuals who have a need for transformation and upgrading and have relatively complete business plans. The loan amount is up to 10 million yuan and the credit period is up to 5 years.

"Shuangchuang Elite Loan" is applicable to high-level innovative entrepreneurial talents, including but not limited to high-end talents who have entered the National Thousand Talents Plan and the Provincial Thousand Talents Plan. They can apply based on personal credit, with a loan limit of up to 3 million yuan and a credit period. Up to 3 years, it can be called "honor realization".

The "Dream Dream Loan" is similar to "degree realization", which is tailor-made for start-ups in emerging industries such as software development, information services, and animation design. With a bachelor's degree or above, they can set up business in technology industries such as Dream Town The park certificate, business plan and other materials can be applied for. The loan amount is up to 750,000 yuan and the credit period is up to 1 year.

Inclusive Finance supports entrepreneurship and innovation

In recent years, the concept of "inclusive finance" in the banking industry has been largely explained by Internet wealth management products. In the era of entrepreneurship for all, inclusive finance will increasingly be reflected in the level of cracking the financing dilemma and supporting entrepreneurial innovation.

Zheshang Bank has made comprehensive innovations in the use of funds, repayment and methods of the "Double Innovation" series of loans.

The loan funds can be used for daily operations such as purchasing plant, machinery, office supplies and other fixed assets, purchasing raw materials, building channels, and marketing, as well as intellectual investment such as purchasing patents, introducing talents, and paying labor costs.

In terms of repayment, Zheshang Bank has meticulously optimized the repayment method in response to the operating characteristics of small and micro-enterprise entrepreneurial innovations that have a large investment in the start-up period and insufficient profit growth during the growth period to cover the increase in scale.

The repayment grace period can be up to three years, and eligible small and micro enterprises can be further extended to five years. At the same time, small and micro enterprises can also choose repayment methods based on their own operating characteristics. Taking the five-year "entrepreneurial assistance loan" as an example, the first three years can choose to repay interest on schedule without repaying the principal. After three years, the company's operating turnover is stable, The stable cash flow and the ability to repay gradually increased, and then switched to repayment of principals and interests on schedule, thereby reducing the daily repayment burden of small and micro enterprises and entrepreneurs.

As for the method, the "Shuangchuang" series of loans are aimed at the characteristics of light-asset companies and actively try out credit business models. Small and micro enterprises can apply for loans from Zhejiang Commercial Bank without providing collateral.

On the basis of credit, Zheshang Bank introduced it creatively. Unlike the fees charged by third parties, people are not required to bear credit risk. It is only a measure to prevent risks, and the borrower does not need to pay any fees.

In addition, Zheshang Bank will also establish cooperation mechanisms with science and technology parks, incubators, venture capital and other institutions, introduce intellectual property pledge, debt investment, and “bridge and tunnel” models, etc., to provide individualized, innovative and small- and micro-enterprises that cover all stages of growth, Full-process financing services.

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