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Economic Seal Report: Bear bile medicine replenishes, but have you considered how black bears feel when using medicine? Recently, Fujian Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has an annual output of 4,000 kg of bear bile powder, and 1200 black bears in stock and 200 black bears, will be listed on the market again. The raw materials of bear bile products need to be directly extracted from live bears. , So this approach makes its listing plan questionable.

President of the Chinese Medicine Association: Taking bile is like tap water, and the bear is "comfortable"

Fang Shuting, president of the Chinese Medicine Association, said that he had seen live bears take bile, "The process of taking bile is as easy as opening a water pipe, natural and painless. After that, the bear went out happily and happily. I feel nothing strange. "It's even very comfortable." And said, "The production method of biliary breeding for bears without tube drainage has made breakthrough progress in the development of wild black bears and the bear bile industry."

Netizen: "Zi Fei Xiong, do you know that bears don't hurt?"

"Stab a wound on the body and pierce it twice with a catheter every day. This process is fast, painless, and does not affect health. Do you believe it?" Some netizens said that slowly dying a life is the most human aspect. "If a company goes public, it will undoubtedly stimulate the development of the black bear breeding industry. Such a company is listed as black bear." Sooner or later, natural bear bile will gradually fade out of the traditional Chinese medicine stage like musk and tiger bone, and resist such a company going public.

Is bear bile safe? Expert: "The collection of bile underneath has proven to have a large amount of toxins."

The bile collected underneath was mixed with bear's pus and other secretions, and even urine and feces. It had not been sterilized and had not undergone so-called low-temperature baking. In the cold, these bile quickly condense into black crystals automatically, and safety is worrying.

Economic Seal Report: At the beginning of the year, there was news that shocked fans in the recording industry. Song Ke of Taihe Wheat Field will resign as CEO and switch to a roast duck shop. When Song Ke was mentioned in the past, people generally only linked him with music, but today he "abandons music and pursues business".

Speaking of changing jobs, Song Ke laughed helplessly: "I made this duck, and somebody came to eat it. After paying the money, people thanked me, saying that this duck is really delicious; the music was good but it was useless, no People pay you and scold you. "

Some time ago, Taihe Wheatfield set up a job. Those who left the company have returned. Those who start their own businesses have done well in other industries. Some have done it in large companies and some have started their own businesses. Looking at these talents, Song Ke couldn't help sighing: The music industry really couldn't retain talents, and even opened its own roast duck shop.

Song Ke is an important figure in the Chinese pop music industry in the last 10 years. He is well known for his introduction of singers such as Pu Shu, Lao Lang, Ye Bei, and once became a deputy general manager of Warner Records in China. The general manager of Taihe Wheatfield is well known. His music, under extremely bad conditions, can be bought and sold through copyright, making Taihe Wheatfield a profitable company. His name used to be the closest to the Chinese recording industry.

A Song Ke went to sell roast duck. It would be worthwhile if more people could reflect on the situation facing music.

Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said that entrepreneurship is like a poison. Once you have tasted it, it is difficult to control the urge to start a business. It's also like Sun Wukong saw something he likes, scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, and he couldn't control his nature and impulse at all. At the same time, entrepreneurship does not have to be a big company, a small and beautiful company, or even a good sale is a success.

Starting a business may take ten years of hard work to succeed, but failure often takes a day, a strategic mistake. As an entrepreneur of a startup company, it is like walking a tightrope all the time, especially the leaders of large companies. In the face of increasingly severe industry competition, the tightrope of entrepreneurs is also getting thinner. Liu Qiangdong will be a Jingdong courier for one day every year.

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