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· Implementation methods for graduates to apply for incubation and investment services

· Xindu encourages college students to implement administrative systems

· Chengdu Promote the construction of youth (university) entrepreneurial park

· Jurong City launched college student entrepreneurship loans

· Chengdu disabled people can apply for entrepreneurship fund funding before the end of August


Chengdu Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance Establishment and Entrepreneurship Assistant Employment Ceremony Held October 18

Chengdu Qingbaijiang First Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance Aid Action October 18

Chengdu builds support system to encourage youth to start employment with entrepreneurship September 08

University graduates sell pancakes on the street and become popular with a monthly income of 4,000 yuan (pictured) August 27

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"Enterprise Marketing Management" Public Welfare Training

In order to help start-up enterprises do a better job of marketing management, learn in depth how to set up marketing ideas, how to write a planning plan, and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, the Communist Party Committee, Wennian (university) entrepreneurial park ... [Details]

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